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Information Technology

We continuously striving to improve our technology to be ahead of our market.

Cheese+ recently invested in a new, specialist technology that could support our rapidly expanding business and meet the demands of an enlarged operation. One of the most useful features of the system is proving to be the on-screen customer order profiling which helps us control and track customer orders levels, taking a proactive approach to sales and deliver better customer service.

Accord enables us to predict stocks levels and trends over the last few weeks, which allows us to create accurate orders to ensure we have the right level of stock in the warehouse to supply our valued customers and reduce wastage.

We also need a vast amount of physical hardware to maximize our efficiency. For example, our wireless cooler alarms allow us to check Humidity and Temperature remotely. We also receive alerts when the temperature lowers or rises beyond a point we set, perfect for our pride and enjoy… Cheese Perfection.

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