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Environmental Policy

As part of our continuing drive for improvement, we have developed this environmental policy statement. It sets out our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and, where possible, improving local environmental conditions.

At Cheese+ we are committed to continually reviewing all areas of our operation to encourage environmental awareness and protection.

We will continually build on our existing activities, such as; sourcing from suppliers who in turn operate to their own environmental statements and policies; seek ongoing advice from environment consultant agencies; maintain environmental awareness through the study of literature and information; act upon advice and information by investing in more environmentally efficient equipment and systems.


In particular our company will:

• Minimise energy consumption by using energy efficient equipment, and maintain such equipment on a regular basis to ensure optimum levels of efficiency.

• Operate a closed door policy throughout our refrigerated storage areas to conserve energy.

• Recycle all waste wherever appropriate including cardboard, paper and plastics.

• Ensure levels of waste are minimised and waste created is segregated and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

• Use transports in an environmentally friendly manner by ensuring vehicles are purchased for their environmental efficiency.

• Ensure all vehicles are fully maintained against a planned schedule.

• Ensure delivery routes are planned to reduce mileage and vehicles are driven carefully to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

• Where applicable use alternative fuels for use in transport.

• Ensure a policy of lights out and equipment closed down at the end of each working day.



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