Washed Rind Cheese Selection

Pongy cheeses are not for the faint hearted, but they do deliver a beautiful texture and flavour.

Cheese from left to right.

The Duchess | 250gm approx.

This Majestic cheese is an alpine style cheese, bathed in English Sparkling Rosé from Chilford Hall in Cambridge to create a cheese full of buttery flavours with an elegant curtsy of sweet notes.

Baronet | 250gm approx

Made by Julianna at The Old Cheese Room in Wiltshire and only using the farm's pasteurised Organic Jersey milk, Baronet is based on a Reblochon recipe. The structure of the cheese depends on the milk and the season. Slightly firmer in the spring and summer when the cows are out grazing the clover and creamier for the rest of the year. The rind is washed regularly until it develops its distinct colouring and matured for over 4 weeks. Baronet is buttery with a lovely nutty flavour.

Rollright | 250gm approx.

A smooth velvety textured cheese with a strong flavour of Butter. Think of your first slice of buttered toast in the morning... delicately salty with some mild nutty note
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