To celebrate International Women’s Day, we decided to take a look at some of our remarkable women in cheesemaking. Although there is a long list, we think one lady really stands out. Selina Cairns of Errington cheese.

Selina is particularly special because not only does she have a hand in making some delicious cheese, she’s also not afraid to stand up and fight for what she believes is right. After the local council wanted to dispose of their entire stock for a wrongly linked e.coli outbreak on the farm, Selina took the local council to the courts and had her family name rightfully expunged. What a woman.

Corra Linn

Not stopping there, she recently reached a crowdfund target for the ‘Save Farmhouse Cheese Production in Scotland’ which is attempting to overturn Scotland’s new guidance for regulation of raw milk production, effectively making raw milk cheese production in Scotland unviable and potentially resulting in eradicating decades worth of knowledge and expertise from our nation’s food heritage. With Selina’s fight and passion, we hope we won’t see many award-winning fine cheeses from Scotland’s national cheeseboard removed.

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