There are many cheese mysteries that are yet to be discovered, however here are 5 interesting facts that we just can’t help but share with you.


1. There are more than 2000 varieties of cheese worldwide.

We understand that many people like cheese, but to be able to eat every variety of cheese in the world would be impossible. Right? Not necessarily. We calculated that if you were to eat a different type of cheese consistently every day, it would take you five and a half years to finish them all!


2. The holes in swiss cheese are a result of fermentation.

It is a common mystery as to why swiss cheese develops holes. Many people mistake the real reason for myths, however, the fermentation process is the trouble-maker behind it all. This process is when bacteria release carbon dioxide while consuming lactic acid, which forms bubbles in the cheese. So this then means that when the bubbles eventually disappear, you are then left with an empty space (the holes).


3. Pule is the worlds most expensive cheese.

We all love splashing the cash every so often, but would you ever spend this amount on a cheese? 450g of this Serbian donkey cheese can cost as much as $1000! The reason that this cheese is so expensive is because of its rarity. There are only about 100 jennies (female donkeys) in the landrace of Balkan donkeys that are milked for Pule. On top of this, it can take 25 litres of milk to develop 1kg of Pule. So as you can imagine, it is a very long and difficult process for the cheesemakers which leads to its excruciating price.


4. A giant wheel of cheddar cheese was given to Queen Victoria as a wedding gift.

Everybody loves a bit of cheddar, but have you ever considered getting a 455kg wheel of it? This 455kg cheddar wheel was over 10x the size of an average cheese wheel, which some would say is a massively cheesy thing to buy someone for their wedding present!


5. The United States produces the most amount of cheese in the world.

The United States makes over 25% of all cheeses worldwide which totals to a whopping 4 million tonnes of cheese a year, making them the leading cheese-making country in the world.


Hopefully, these facts have inspired you to learn more about cheese! If so, then check out our Academy of Cheese Courses which are now available!