On the 25th of January, many people will be celebrating the annual ‘Burns Night’ throughout the UK and even oversea’s.

Burns Night

If you’ve never heard of Burns Night; it is an annual holiday, predominantly celebrated in Scotland in honour of the famous poet Robert Burns. This holiday was originated after Robert Burns passed away in 1796. His family and friends have held a gathering every year since his death to celebrate his achievements and memories that he left behind. This occasion slowly grew more popular due to Burns and his work being a national treasure throughout Scotland at that time.

At the event, it is often tradition to indulge in Haggis along with Scotch Whisky and other fine foods. Meaning that cheese can be used as a main attribute for your meal.

To celebrate and support our customers for Burns Night, we have formed a beautiful Scottish cheese selection for you to contribute to your big Burns Night blowout! It includes Strathdon Blue, Morangie Brie, Black Crowdie, Blue Murder, Isle of Mull and Corra Linn; all of which are some of the finest Scottish cheeses. (Find out more here)

We look forward to seeing everybody’s dishes (especially the cheeses) and onwards and upwards till next year!