Vegetarian Cheese Selection

Mayfield | 250gm approx

Made in East Sussex by Alsop and Walker, this British alpine inspired cheese is aged for five to seven months and has a creamy texture and a sweet and nutty taste. Mayfield won Gold at the World Cheese awards in 2011.

Cerney Ash | 250gm approx.

Made by hand in Gloucestershire using unpasturised goat's milk and vegetarian rennet, the Cerney Pyramid is a full fat Valencay-type cheese made from unique starter. Coated with an oak ash/sea salt mix locking in the subtle flavour with a hint of a lemony tang.

Tunworth | 250gm approx.

Tunworth is made by Stacey Hedges and has a long lasting sweet nutty flavour and a creamy texture with a thin wrinkled rind. Described by Raymond Blanc as 'the best Camembert in the world! Tunworth won Supreme Champion in 2006 at the British Cheese Awards and Gold at the World Cheese Awards in 2007.

Blue | Cropwell Bishop | 250gm approx.

Made at the creamery in Cropwell Bishop this classic blue cheese has a nutty, spicy blue flavour with a clean, lasting, tangy finish. It is rich and creamy with the blue mould spreading out to the rind like cracked porcelain. Eaten with fruit, added to soup or just on it's own, it is the perfect blue cheese!
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